Guidelines for Members

The manuscript will be assigned to you by the Editorial Office through email. Generally, you have three weeks for the review process.

Once you receive an assignment of reviewing a paper, please let the Editorial Office know whether you can offer your reviews to the Editorial Office in the stated period of time.

If you decline the review assignment, please indicate why. If possible, please suggest a colleague who may be able to review the manuscript. If appropriate, the editor will send an invitation to review the paper.

You are expected to fill out the review form attached along with assigning a manuscript for review, but you may elect to write an article, as you prefer, including personal comments, recommended modification, and/or personal editing of the manuscript.

Your reviews will be most useful to the editor and to the author if they are carefully documented. Do not make dogmatic or dismissive statements, particularly about the novelty of the work. Substantiate your statements.

Any recommendation from you is gratefully received by the editor; however, since final editorial decisions are usually based on evaluations derived from several members, you should not expect the editor to honor every recommendation.

Please protect the manuscript from any form of exploitation before it has been published.

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