Journal of Psychological Sciences

Editorial Board Terms of Reference

Membership of the Editorial Board

The members of the Editorial Board will usually serve for a terms of two years, renewable for a further period(s) as required by the Editor.

The members comply with the journal’s ethical standards.

The members advise the editor and editorial staffs on all matters connected with the vision and goals of the journal.

The members are encouraged to contribute substantively to the Journal of Psychological Sciences in the following ways:

Periodically supplying and discussing ideas to the editor for the development of the journal, formal or informal.

Disseminating and raising the journal’s profile among the institutions in which board members are active.

Offering peer reviews on papers close to board members’ primary areas of interest when requested (The reviewing load is modest and should not exceed two to four papers per year).

Assisting the editor in identifying more qualified colleagues to join the board and submit papers.

Contributing your own original papers or recommending others’ papers to the journal.

The Editor

The editor chairs the Editorial Board and shall be responsible for the day-to-day management of the Journal in the following ways:

Implementing the terms of reference and ensure they are complied with.

Identifying and appointing Editorial Board members who are capable of maintaining the highest editorial standards.

Making plans for the development of the journal, including high quality, high visibility, and wide inclusion in famous databases.

Oversee the day-to-day management of the journal, including soliciting, reviewing, editing and publishing submissions, and dispatching hard copies to readership.

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