Playing the lottery is an inquisitive thing as most people do not want to pay much attention to them except for the once who are looking to make sure that they make huge amount with the help of lottery. Lottery, although straight forward carries a lot of things in facts which can lead to a whole lot of confusion among the people. Here are some facts about the lottery you might not have known.


We spend more on the lottery than other forms of entertainment

It is said that American spend more than $70.1 billion on lottery which when compared sports ticket booking, books and video games combined cannot match up. This is one of the ways they must be wasting their money.

Most winners blow their winnings

Most of the winners cannot stop but spend and spend their money on the most expensive things which they cannot afford. This is one of the biggest issues as the winners become quite generous and blow off all the money that they have won on the people closest to them.


Voltaire was also a lottery winner

Voltaire joined hands with the Charles Marie de La Condamine to help find the loophole in the French national lottery. They started aggressively observing the candidates and winning patter and were repeatedly able to find the massive right winnings. This left them with more than half a million franc, which allowed him to focus on his writing.


Breakneck Pace

Today there are more than 43 states who participate in the lotteries and before the number were limited to only 14. There is a promise of revenue from the government, which will allow you to help find the right states which can help you when it comes to an understanding the lottery laws. If you are willing to participate you can easily get yourself a ticket at Nagaland State lottery and get a chance to win.

It prays on the poor

Most people who are putting their money in the lottery is the people who come from the lower end of the socioeconomic spectrum. It is said that the poorest of the third household people are the people who invest their money on the lottery in the hopes of winning big. It is also reported that people living in poorest countries have seen a lot of lotteries when it comes to buying tickets.


A tip that won

When a person was looking at a patron, he after his drinks left a 25-year-old bartender a pair of Keno tickets as a tip. This turned out to be $17,500 win which also tried to pay it back and refused and insisted the bartender keep the ticket. This is not the first time that this has happened as there was another tip that was left for a waiter which turned out to be $6 million.


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